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Artist Title Label Cat. Format Price
Agusa Agusa S/T Kommun 2 K2-42 LP €18

Agusa Agusa S/T - Limited Greek Ed. Kommun 2 K2-42 LP €24

Ekstasis Agusa Ekstasis Kommun 2 K2-47 2xLP €28

Ekstasis Agusa Ekstasis - Red Vinyl Edition Kommun 2 K2-47 2xLP €30

Ekstasis Agusa Ekstasis - Japanese Edition Kommun 2 K2-47 2xLP €32

Agusa Agusa Högtid Kommun 2 K2-24 LP €18

Agusa Agusa In Concert - Gold/Purple Ed. Pancromatic PLPM0002033 LP €24

Agusa 2 Agusa Två (numbered blue ed.) Kommun 2 K2-33 LP €24

Alucarda Alucarda Raw Howls K2/SPA K2-38/SPA06 LP €18

Damien Bland bladen Vederkvickelse Kommun 2 K2-29 LP €18

Brotherhood of Sonic Love Brotherhood of Sonic Love Satellite Heart Sonic Love Rec. No cat. LP €20

Centrum Centrum För Meditation Svensk Psych Aften SPA11 LP €24

Damien Damien Memorandum To The Death TTD015 2xLP €22

Damien Damien Shades from the Past (the Lost Tapes) Kommun 2 K2-27 2xLP €20

First Band From Outer Space First Band From Outer Space The Guitar Is Mightier Than The Gun Sound Effect SER055 2xLP €28

First Band From Outer Space First Band From Outer Space We're Only In It... (Numbered Silver Ed.) Space Rock Productions SRP051 2xLP €26

Good Morning Good Morning Sister Rain Kommun 2 K2-12 LP €18

Hollow Earth Hollow Earth Out of Atlantis - White Vinyl Ed. Kommun 2 K2-43 LP €18

Limbo I, Captain Tiid Sound Effect SER038 LP €20

Kama Loka Kama Loka Kama Loka Kommun 2 K2-22 LP €24

Faro Maailma Speculum (Limited Deluxe Heavy Gatefold Vinyl Edition) Rotor ROTORLP010 LP €26

Måneskjold Måneskjold Kometen kommer Kommun 2 K2-37 LP €20

Melody Fields Melody Fields S/T - Red Vinyl Kommun 2 K2-45 LP €18

Rymdstyrelsen Rymdstyrelsen Space is Cold Svensk Psych Aften SPA009 LP €22

Skifting Skifting Lyset fra stammen Underklang No Cat. LP €20

Solar Solar Things We Found, But Left Behind Rundgång RR069 LP €22

Per Svensson Per Svensson Psychedelic Sounds Rundgång RR080 2xLP €28

Orosvisor Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting Orosvisor Kommun 2 K2-8 LP €18

Echoing Green Technicolor Poets The Echoing Green Kommun 2 K2-18 LP €18

Cave Hill Ascension United Bible Studies Cave Hill Ascension Pariah Child LP011 LP €28

Vårt Solsystem Vårt Solsystem Världsliga bekymmer K2/SPA KOMMUN2:40 LP €20

Von Pegel Von Pegel S/T Kommun2 K2-48 LP €20

Walrus Walrus S/T Electricity ELPS-201 LP €18

At The Center Yuri Gagarin At The Center Of All Infinity – with A2 poster Kommun 2 K2-36P LP €22

Outskirts of Reality Yuri Gagarin Outskirts of Reality (incl. A2 Poster) Please remember to add shipping, it's at the bottom of the page! Kommun 2 K2-54 LP €20


Artist Title Label Cat. Format Price
Futuropolis II Inkal Futuropolis II Kommun 2 K2-51 7" €5


Artist Title Label Cat. Format Price
Ekstasis Agusa Ekstasis Kommun 2 K2-47 CD €12

Faro Matti Bye Faro - Original Soundtrack Rotor ROTORCD011 CD €10

The Phantom Carriage Matti Bye The Phantom Carriage Rotor ROTORCD001 CD €12

Drömt Matti Bye Drömt Rotor ROTORCD007 CD €12

Joyless Street Matti Bye/Panoptikon Orch. The Joyless Street Rotor ROTORCD002 CD €12

Love It Or Level It Chicken El Diablo Love It Or Level It Airwaves AIR006 CD €12

Hooffoot Gravebreaker Sacrifice Gates Of Hell GOH11 CD €10

Faro Maailma Speculum Rotor ROTORCD010 CD €10

Krakvind Kråkvind Kråkvind Tjärnen NO CAT. CD-R €6

Freaks Texas Motherfuckers Freaks No Solution NSR-006 CD €6

Walrus Walrus S/T Electricity ECD-201 CD €10

Outskirts of Reality Yuri Gagarin Outskirts of Reality Kommun 2 K2-54 CD €12


Artist Title Label Cat. Format Price
Amon Duul Book Tobias Petterson Amon Düül II and the birth of Krautrock Tamara Press Book with Illustrations and Comprehensive Discography

Counts as one LP toward shipping costs

Deluge Magazine Deluge Magazine Vol 1, 2019 Kommun 2 The K2 Magazine with Illustrations and Text on Music, Film, and Blasphemy

Counts as one CD toward shipping costs

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Shipping Shipping Extra for registered mail with tracking number - - - €9

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